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Congratulations, you have just completed your onboarding and are on your way to start building your program! Below is a checklist of all the items you should "check off your list" while building your program.

Building Your Program

Owner: You (Program Admin) 

The platform is self-serve and user-friendly. Follow the Launch Wizard in the platform by completing each task and pressing NEXT at the bottom right corner. 

  • Create Program
    • Program Name
    • Program Description
    • Program Banner
  • Questionnaire, Algorithm, Permissions, Emails
    • Review Algorithm
    • Review Permissions
    • Review Questionnaire Template
    • Add Additional Questions
    • Customize Questionnaire with organization-specific answers
    • Customize Emails
    • Add Additional Algorithm Rules
    • Turn on Registration
  • Finalize Program Settings
    • Confirm Pairing Process
    • Choose Program Ending
    • Adjust Frequency
  • Customize Emails, Sessions & Resources
    • Review All Emails; make any changes
    • Review Resources; add & make any changes
    • Review Session Agendas add & make any changes
  • Time to Meet
    • Reach out to your Together Customer Success Manager to review your program and move into the Test Phase.

See below for where you currently are in your Together journey.


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