How to Pair: Admin-Led Pairing Process (Old Launch Process)

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Once registration has taken place and you have a pool of users to match, the next step would be to launch pairing.

Go to Pairing > Start/Edit Pairing Setup. Follow the Pairing wizard to determine whether you are ready to pair. 




Once you have completed the checks, click Finish.


Pairing is now turned on!

Since an admin-led program relies solely on the admin to create the pairs (with assistance from the algorithm if needed), after the admin has completed the Pairing wizard, there is no option to turn pairing off.

Note: the Admin-led pairing process is not available in Evergreen programs, however, you may manually pair users together under the Unpaired Mentees and Available Mentors tab under the Pairing page in Evergreen programs.




Click on Unpaired Mentees.




As an admin, you can either click on Pair with Mentor if you already have the pairings in mind, or you can choose to use the algorithm to assist with your decisions by clicking on Run Auto-Pairing.


Tip: If you want to manually select a mentor for the mentee, but the mentor is not a recommended mentor based on the algorithm, you can type in the mentor's name in the search bar to override the algorithm to select them so long as the mentor still has capacity.




A confirmation message will appear. Click on Stage Optimal Pairings when you are ready to see the algorithm-created pairings. No emails will be sent out at this time. Staging pairings will create the potential pairings in the Staged by Admin tab on the left.




Give the platform a few minutes to prepare the matches. You may refresh after a minute or so depending on how many pairings the platform is expected to generate. Click on Staged by Admin to see the pairings generated. On this page, you can approve/decline pairings individually, or bulk approve/discard pairings.




If you decide to approve a pairing, a confirmation message will appear for you to confirm by clicking on Approve Pairing. Once a pairing has been approved by you, the Mentorship Assignments email will be sent out to both the mentee and mentor to notify them of their match. The pairing will become active immediately, and the pair will be moved into the Active Pairings list.



If you decide to decline a pairing, a confirmation message will also appear for you to confirm by clicking on Discard Pairing. When a pairing is discarded, the mentor and mentee will return back into their respective lists (Unpaired Mentee and Available Mentors).




If there are enough unpaired mentees and available mentors, you can re-run the auto-pairing for a different outcome based on those available.


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