Duplicating a program can be very useful for several reasons, you can save time in the creation of a new program or use this function to test particular settings without disrupting your original program. When duplicating a program, you will have the option to select what you would like to be duplicated out of these options:

  • Program Settings (required)
    • General
    • Matching Process
    • Questions & Algorithm
    • Advanced Matching 
    • Program Access 
  • Agendas
  • Email Templates
  • Resource Library

To duplicate your program, you can follow these simple steps:

1. On your Programs homepage, click on the three dots under the Action column for the program you wish to duplicate:


2. From the pop up menu, click the Duplicate Program button:


3. Add a Program name on the line provided, and deselect anything you would like to remove in the new program you are creating. Then click on Create Program to complete the duplication process. 


4. The new duplicated program will appear at the top of your program home page list:


5. Here, you can click on the program name to begin your Registration Setup and go over any additional details you wish to make changes to:


That's all to it! You've now successfully duplicated your program.

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