How do I freeze/unfreeze my account?

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Sometimes you might want to pause your enrolment in a program for whatever reason: not enough bandwidth, moving departments, or anything in between. If you ever need to, you can do this by freezing your account on the platform, this will ensure that you are no longer considered during a program's pairing process, and if you are currently in an active pairing, it will be ended. 

But what do you do when you want to rejoin a program that is still running? You will need to unfreeze your account, here's how:

1. From your home page, click on the Profile tab at the top of the screen:


2. Click on the My Settings tab just under your name and click on the Freeze my account button at the bottom of your settings page:


3. Click the Enrolled button to enroll yourself back into the program, then click the blue save button above your Enrollment Status to finalize this change:



And that's it! Your account is now unfrozen and you're able to participate as you once did.

Note: Unfreezing your account will not automatically re-pair you with the same users as before, you will need to be repaired with them if they're available. 


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