When running a Group program, it is essential to have the right leaders moving the group along their mentorship journey. Here at Together, we refer to these group leaders as Facilitators. As an admin for a group program, you have the ability to either individually assign a facilitator to a group, or to have the responsibility shared across multiple facilitators (i.e. Co-Facilitators)

Individual facilitators are mentors who are assigned to lead a group themselves.

Co-Facilitators are a set of mentors who are assigned to co-lead the group together. 

As an admin, you're able to match these facilitators together based on various criteria they provide from their registration questionnaire. For example, maybe you would like the group to be run by facilitators who share a similar skill set. If your questionnaire contains a question asking which skills are a person's greatest strength, you would be able to match multiple facilitators into a group based on these responses.

Here's how to do so:

1. Click on your Groups program from your main home page

2. Click on the Registered Users button from your program home page:


3. Click on the Unmatched Mentors tab along the left-hand side:


4. Click on the Create Staged Groups button:


5. Here you can choose whether you want to match mentors into groups based on one of your questionnaire criteria (i.e. as co-facilitators), or if you'd like each mentor to run a group individually (i.e. as an individual facilitator). For demonstration, I will show you how to match mentors together as co-facilitators based on one of my questionnaire items. Once you have chosen your preferred method, click the Create Groups button:


This will run our algorithm and match your mentors into a staged group based on the question you have selected. Keep in mind that these groups are simply staged at this time but are not active yet. In order to activate these groups, you must click on the Staged Groups tab and then click either Publish All to publish all of your staged groups or click the Publish button beside each individual group if you would like to activate individual groups at a time. By publishing a group it will notify and provide access to group members. Be sure to only publish groups once participants have been added to the group by an admin or by mentees making their group selection. 


Note: this will send emails to all of the group participants announcing their group.


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