The last step to launching registration for your Group program is to adjust your Matching Rules. Matching rules are very similar to adjusting your matching algorithm in 1-on-1 programs, however, the key difference in a Group program is deciding on the maximum number of mentees a group can have at any given time. 

In order to access your Matching Rules, first, click on your Group Program from your home page.

Then, click the Edit Matching Setup text:


Click on Adjust Matching Rules along the left-hand side of your screen:


Here you can see the criteria that our algorithm will take into consideration when trying to match participants into groups. Keep in mind, that you can always change these rules later. 

Group Size: this rule is the only rule unique to Group programs. Here you can set the maximum amount of Mentees you would like in each group. Currently, the minimum amount of mentees in a group is 2, and the maximum is 100. 

To edit any of these rules, click on them. To add a new rule, click on the + Add Rule button under the respective type of rule you'd like to create.

Matching Restriction Rules are what we typically consider "hard" rules that must be met in order for a matching recommendation to be made by our algorithm. In other words, users must meet these requirement rules to be matched into a group. If they don’t meet these requirements with other users, they will not be allowed to be matched together. For example, you might want all members to be from the same timezone

Matching Recommendation Rules on the other hand are typically considered "soft" rules. These rules are not mandatory for users to be matched into a group, but they instead work to improve the strength of recommended groups to users. Be sure to prioritize what is most important for your program. For example, you might want a group to have similar interests, but it is not mandatory that they do. With these rules you can give each one a different level of priority; the higher the priority, the more influence the rule has when matching users in a group. 

Once you have adjusted each of your Matching Rules accordingly, be sure to click the blue Next button in the bottom right corner to move on to Adding Filter Titles.

Adding Filter Titles is identical to a Group program as it is a 1-on-1 program. Here you can help users pick the most relevant group by adding titles to the various filters that mentees can use to filter the list of groups by when looking for one to join. For example, one of my questions in my program is "What topics would you like to mentor others on", I could give this question a filter title of "Mentorship Topics" that a mentee could use to filter by when searching for a group. To do so, click on the question, then type in a title for it:



Once you're done adding a filter title, be sure to click the blue Save button. After providing titles for each of your filters, click on the Finish button in the bottom right corner. 

Now your matching process is set up! Your next step to launching your Groups program is to make & publish Groups.


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