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Live Q&A is a new feature in 2022 that drives a large increase in frequency of engagement with Together Platform. It tackles a different type of knowledge sharing and learning that doesn't typically happen in 1on1 mentorship meetings. 

Live Q&A is for sharing knowledge on questions like:

  • What are the latest developments in our industry?
  • How do I get the most out of maternity leave at our company?
  • How do I use Looker (or Tableau) for generating reports?
  • How do you plan and develop a roadmap?
  • What are some techniques you use for debugging and testing code efficiently?
  • Can someone host a crash course on using Google Docs / Office suite?
  • How do you set up a new landing page?

Note: Live Q&As are for sharing knowledge that can't easily be answered in a written paragraph response, and are not meant to replace typical back and forth in Slack/Teams/Email for simple questions. They are meant to incite discussion and follow-up questions. 


Today, users find mentors on Together Platform in traditional mentoring programs for advice, but Q&As/Lunch and Learns in a group setting cover a whole other segment of day-to-day learning.




Live Q&A appears as a new page in the navigation for end users. You will be able to see Q&As in three statuses:

  • Upcoming
  • Needs Host
  • Past


Users can:

  • Browse Q&As
  • Submit related questions they want to hear answers to
  • Follow to upvote and get updates on changes to a Q&A
  • Add to Calendar
  • See attendees and the host

For Q&As that need a host, users can also:

  • Volunteer to host
  • Follow to get updates when a host joins

For past Q&As, users can also:

  • Rewatch the recording of the Q&A (this feature is in development)

Requesting a Q&A

Users can request that someone host a Q&A on a topic they think would be valuable to the company. 


Host a Q&A

Users can volunteer to host a Q&A. They can do so either by hosting a requested Q&A, or just setting up their own from scratch.



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