Introduction to Session Agendas

Session Agendas are resources that help you prepare before your mentorship meeting, guide you during your meeting, and provide ideas on ways to follow up and review after your meeting. Our research has found that matches who utilize Session Agendas tend to have more effective mentoring relationships, as they ensure both parties come prepared and understand the expectations set for each meeting.

While we encourage you to use the Session Agendas for each meeting, we understand that every mentoring relationship is unique. Therefore, you have the flexibility to review your content or focus on other topics. Just be sure to communicate any changes to your agenda with your mentee or mentor before your meeting.

Moreover, you have the ability to edit and create your agendas. Users can personalize these agendas before their meeting and use the same document to note what was discussed after the meeting, making each session as productive as possible.

Finding Your Session Agendas 🔍

To access the session agendas for your program, start by navigating to the Programs tab on your platform. Look for your specific program's card and click on the View button associated with it:

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Once inside your program’s details, select the Session Overview tab. Here, you'll find a list of all available agendas for your program. You can click on any agenda to open and view its detailed content:

Apr-10-2024 14-52-24.gif

Upcoming Session Agendas 🕓

1-on-1 Programs:

From your homepage, navigate to the section where your current matches are displayed. Select the match you want to work with, and then choose the specific session you’re interested in:

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Note: Both you and your match will receive an email with the session agenda included the day before the next session.

Group Programs:

From your home page, select the Group you are currently participating in:

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Click on the group session that you would like to review the agenda for:

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Here, you will be able to view and manage your session agenda:

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Editing Agendas ✏️

Fixed Agendas:

In your match, scroll down to your Session Plan, then click on the session you would like to edit the agenda for:

Apr-12-2024 15-41-15.gif

To start customizing your session agenda, simply click on the text area of the agenda to begin editing. You'll find a variety of text editing tools located at the top of the agenda editor—these can help you format text, add bullet points, and make other stylistic changes to your agenda. When you're finished making your edits, be sure to save your changes by clicking the Save button, which is located in the bottom right corner of the text editor:

Apr-12-2024 15-54-32.gif

To rename your session agenda, click on the pencil icon next to the current title. This will allow you to type in a new title directly. Once you've entered your desired title, confirm the change by clicking the checkmark icon. Remember to save all your changes by pressing the Save button, which you'll find in the bottom right corner of the text editor:

Apr-12-2024 15-56-19.gif

Note: Your match will be notified after you have saved any new changes to the session agenda. This notification will usually be sent 10 minutes after changes have been made.

Personalized Agendas:

If your program has the Personalized Agendas feature enabled, you can take advantage of the powerful AI Tools, conveniently located towards the top right-hand side of your agenda editor. This feature enables you to generate a completely customized agenda that aligns with your specific needs. It considers various factors such as your skills and goals, bio, previous agendas, and desired talking points for your upcoming session with your match. To utilize this feature and start creating a personalized agenda, simply click on the AI Tools button:

Apr-12-2024 16-08-53.gif

With AI Tools, you have the opportunity to input specific talking points and other relevant details that you wish to cover in your session agenda. Simply type in the information you want to include and click the Regenerate Agenda button. After you've entered your details, clicking this button will trigger a prompt to confirm if you'd like to proceed with regenerating the agenda, ensuring that all your inputs are considered to create a tailored session plan. This feature does the heavy lifting for you, streamlining the preparation process for your session:

Apr-12-2024 16-14-51.gif

Creating New Agendas 📝

To create a new agenda for an additional session, you'll first need to add a new session to your current match. Start by navigating to the Match Activity tab within your match profile. Scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the Add more sessions button. Here, you can choose how many sessions you'd like to add. You also have the option to include a note explaining why you are adding more sessions, which can be helpful for record-keeping or communication purposes. Once you're ready, click on the Add Sessions to Plan button to proceed.

Apr-12-2024 16-29-35.gif

After you've added the new session, you can create an agenda for it just like you would for any existing session. Simply click on the newly added session listed under Matching Activity. You can then give your agenda a title and start building your content using our text editor tools.

Note: If the Personalized Agendas feature is enabled in your program, an agenda will automatically be created for you! Furthermore, to get a glimpse of what your next session’s agenda could look like, you can click the Preview Custom Agenda button next to the Add more sessions button. This allows you to preview a generated agenda tailored to your upcoming session.

Reviewing Session Notes 👀

You can easily scroll through and manage all your upcoming session agendas directly from the Notes tab on your match page. This allows you to view and edit all session agendas in one convenient location, ensuring you are fully prepared for each meeting with your match. Accessing this tab helps streamline your preparation process, keeping all necessary details well-organized and accessible.

Screenshot 2024-04-12 at 4.37.38 PM.png

Personal Session Notes 💬

Under each session, you'll find a designated Notes section located just below the areas for Session Feedback and the session's agenda. This is a private space where you can jot down any observations, thoughts, or reminders related to the session. These notes are personal and accessible only to you, ensuring privacy. They are not visible to your mentee or mentor. You can return to this section at any time to review or edit your notes, making it a flexible tool for personal reflection and record-keeping.

Note: Personal Session Notes are not used to generate Personalized Agenda.

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