1. Create Your Cohort Program

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Create a Cohort Program:

To create a new program, you first must log in to the platform and click the Create Program button. If this is not prompted to you, click on Programs > Create Program.


Once you click Create Program, you will be prompted to choose between a 1-on-1 program, or a Group Program (only applicable if the Group Mentorship feature is included in your plan). For this demonstration, we'll be creating a 1-on-1 program. After selecting a 1-on-1 program, you will see a screen asking you to choose your Program Cycle. Here you have the option to choose between a traditional Cohort-style program or our Evergreen-style program. Click the blue Choose Program button under the Cohort option to begin:


There are some key differences between both Program Cycles for you to consider, check out our different program types here! For this demonstration, we will be focusing on Cohort programs only.

After choosing a Cohort program, you will be shown 6 different templates we recommend you pick between for the one that is right for your program/organization. If you are unsure which fits you best, we recommend you choose the General Template. For this demonstration, I will stick to the General Template as well:


Once you click on any of these templates, you will be shown a template overview of some of the key aspects that each contains. For example, what your questionnaire, session content, and resources will look like by default using this template. Once you have decided this is the template right for you, click on the Use Template button:



To continue building your Cohort program, head over to Step 2 - Registration Setup.


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