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Reviewing your Program Settings:

You're only a few small steps away from Launching Registration for your program! The last section of our program that is important to review is the Program Settings page. To access this, click on Program Settings along the lefthand side:


Within Program Settings, there are a number of key things to review prior to your launch.

First, you can update/edit your General Program Information such as the Program Name, Program Description, and Program Banner here if you wish, however, you likely would have already finalized these when you first created your program.


Next up, you can review your Pairing Settings:



  • Pairing Process: This will be covered later on in this guide, however, this will give you a glimpse into how you think you may want to pair your users in your program.
  • Mentor Recommendations: This value dictates the number of mentors a mentee can submit on their shortlist when choosing a mentor.
    • Allow mentees to search all eligible mentors in the directory: having this option selected will allow your users to search for any of the mentors that are eligible to be paired with under the directory tab instead of only seeing their recommended mentors.
  • Recommended Mentees Per Mentor: This value will be the number of mentees the platform suggests to a mentor that they can take on at one time when they're answering their questionnaire and is the default selection for mentors should they not change it in their response.
  • Max Mentees Per Mentor: This value is the maximum amount of mentees a mentor can be paired with at any given time. Mentors cannot exceed this value.
  • Session Frequency: We’ll nudge your users along with helpful reminders in a few different ways to follow this meeting pace that you have set here.
  • New Mentor Requests: If your mentees wish to change their mentor during a pairing, this setting will allow you to review and approve these changes before they're finalized.
  • Automatically End Pairings: This setting allows you to set how and when pairings should automatically end in your program. You have three main options: at a specific date, after a certain length of time, or set pairings to never end.
    • Here is what the email looks like when pairings are ended (note the body content will change depending on the user's role, if pairing is currently on or off for your program, and if you have edited it to include custom text):


Lastly, you have the option to Archive your program at the very bottom of this page. If you need to Delete your program, please reach out to us by submitting a request here, this option will not be available to program admins.

  • Note: when deleting a program, everything related to the program will be deleted. This includes pairings, settings, and all data. Generally, we recommend Archiving any past programs that you would like to still have access to but are no longer running.



To continue building your Cohort program, head over to Step 9 - Launch Registration & Invite your Users


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