Reviewing your Program Settings:

You're only a few small steps away from Launching Registration for your program! The last section of our program that is important to review is the Program Settings page. To access this, click on Program Settings followed by General:


First, you can update/edit your General Program Information such as the Program Name, Support Contacts, Program Description, and Program Banner here if you wish, however, you likely would have already finalized these when you first created your program.


Next up, you can review your Group Settings: here you will be able to update your Matching Process, Labels, and Session Frequency at any time throughout the program.


Lastly, you have the option to Archive your program at the very bottom of this page. If you need to Delete your program, please submit a request here as this option will not be available to program admins.

  • Note: when deleting a program, everything related to the program will be deleted. This includes matches, settings, and all data. Generally, we recommend Archiving any past programs that you would like to still have access to but are no longer running.



To continue building your Group program, head over to Step 9 - Launch Registration & Invite Users


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