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The final step in using our Survey tool is to review the results you've collected. To do so, from within your survey you can head over to the See Results tab:


Within this tab, you will first see a list of all of the participants within your program. There are a few key pieces of information that are important for you in this table:

  • Name & Email
  • Survey Status: this column shows whether they have been sent the survey or not and whether they have completed it.
  • Last sent: this is the date the last time the survey was sent to the user
  • Action: this is a clickable button within the table that you can use to manually send a survey out to a specific use:


  • Question(s): the final column(s) after Action will be filled with each individual's response to each of the questions you asked on your survey.

To add or hide any additional columns, click on the Columns icon and select what you would like to view here:


You may also export a copy of this table if you would like to complete your own analysis of individual user responses. To do so, simply click the Export button on the table:


Note: this will export all of the columns that are currently being shown on your table. Show or hide certain columns that you would like to include/remove from your export.

Outside of this table, you also have the option of viewing your survey results in a graphical form. Scrolling throughout this page you will see three charts, one for each type of question you could ask: Numeric, Text, and Multiple Choice. 

In my survey, I asked one multiple-choice question. You can see how my results look here:


If you would like to download your results, hover over your chart and click the download icon as shown at the end of this clip. This will download a CSV copy for you to analyze however you would like.


That's it for interpreting your Survey Results and how to implement Surveys in your Mentorship Program. For more information, please check out the rest of our Help Center for all things Together!


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