Integrating your Slack workspace with Together is completely self-serve and requires only a few simple steps to get started!

Step 1: Authorize our app for your chat tool

1. Under Settings > Integrations > Chat Integration, click “Setup” 


2. Select your preferred integration (Slack) 


3. Follow the steps on-screen to enable the app for your organization 


Step 2: Individuals connect to our app to receive notifications 

  • You will receive a direct message via Slack with instructions to provide program participants.
  • Participants will also see a To-Do list item on their homepage in Together instructing them to connect to Slack.

Security & Troubleshooting:

Add the Together app to your Slack workspace: 

    • You must have Slack administrator permissions for your organization.
    • Or, you will need to ask an administrator to grant permission for our app to access the workspace (follow the steps on-screen).

Once your Slack administrator has authorized Together, you should be redirected back to Together's website. If not, you may need to refresh your page, click Setup again, and follow the steps above.


When setting up the integration, you’ll see an outline on-screen of what data Together's app will be able to view/what actions it will take in your workspace. 

Learn more about adding apps to Slack here, or reach out to our support team for help.


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