In order to assist you in managing your program, Together offers the ability to manually send emails from the participant tables. This includes two key capabilities: 

1. Manually trigger an existing email template to a selection of users 

As the admin, you can opt to manually send an existing email template from select participant tables. Namely, you can trigger the 'Submit Mentor Preferences' email and reminder from the Unpaired Mentees table. This enables you to filter for users who are unpaired and target them with an invitation to choose a mentor or a reminder.


You'll have the ability to review the template that will be sent to the selected participants before sending the email. 

To make changes to the template displayed, follow the link displayed, or navigate to Emails from within your program.


2. Manually trigger a custom email to a selection of users 

If you'd like to send a custom email to a specific user/subset of users, you can draft one from scratch via any of the participant tables, including tables under Monitor Health. For example, if you'd like to follow up with participants in matches with the status Needs Check In, navigate to Monitor Health > Needs Check-in and click on Send Emails


Click on Draft Custom Email, and draft your email and subject line in the editor, which supports rich text such as links and images. You'll be able to review the recipients and send a test email before sending. 


You may also include custom variables within your emails as well, such as a user's first name, the organization name, the program name, etc. To include a variable within your email, when drafting your email and in the text editor, click on Insert Custom.

From the dropdown that appears, you will be able to select the custom variable you would like to display. In my case, I have chosen the email recipient's first name and used our organization name within the header of this email. 


Once you have finalized the rest of the text for this you can click outside of the text editor. Now you can see here what this will look like, in my case, the recipient's name is "Keagan", and my organization's name is "Together CS Space":


When you're ready to send the email, you can click the Preview then Send buttons:



  • Note: the "reply-to" address for all custom emails will be set to your email as an admin. In other words, any replies to this custom email will be sent to your email. Additionally, users are CC'd when sending custom emails.

And that's it, that is how you create and send custom emails! 


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