This document provides instructions to your IT team on how to provide employee directory information to integrate your company organization chart with Together Platform via SFTP.

Background Information

SFTP (Secure file transfer protocol) is a way of dropping file securely into a folder, which Together then uses to download the file and upload it to your User list. For more information on SFTP, see this article.

Permissions and folder structure

You will be given a company integration account for SFTP with the following permissions:

  • Write only

You will not be able to read files in our SFTP folder.

Your integration account's root folder will be named after your Together organization ID. 

File Format and Behaviour

We access .CSV and .XLSX files for this integration. The file with the most recent "Date Added" will be synced nightly. You may rename the file uploaded every day and files will be retained for 30 days, or you may overwrite your file with the same name every day. 

For details on what data to include and columns, please see the user directory spec


Your company integration account will be defined by a username, server and password. It will take the following format:

  • Username (e.g johndoe)
  • Server (together.couchdrop.io)
  • Password (e.g. some_password_stronger_than_this123)

Set Up

On the integrations page, click Setup HRIS integration.:


Select SFTP:


Copy the credentials provided to you and connect to the SFTP server. Drop in your CSV file. Make sure you include both terminated and active employees. See the user directory spec for information on file format. 

Once you have uploaded the file to the folder, continue with the integration. You will be able to select and map fields for the sync. 



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