How do I log a mentoring session using the calendar bot? [ARCHIVED]

The mentorship bot feature has been deprecated in favour of in-app scheduling. We no longer support the mentorship bot.

Please see the article regarding logging mentorship sessions here



This article is only applicable to you if your mentorship emails say "Include the mentorship bot in the event invite . . .".

To log a session, you should use your normal calendar app (e.g. Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc). Before you log a session, communicate with your mentor or mentee to find a time that is suitable to meet. Once you have agreed on a time, either the mentor or mentee should create a calendar invite together and invite "" as an attendee. Think of it like a room booking.

If you have any issues, please ensure that:

  • The three attendees of the event are you, your pairing, and
  • The emails you use in the calendar invite are the ones that are used in your mentoring system. The correct email for yourself will be the one that the emails from the system is sent to.
  • Ensure that attendees of the invite can "See guest list"