The goal of calendar integrations is to create a great experience booking mentorship sessions with your matching, while simultaneously providing the reporting capabilities administrators need to effectively manage their program. Simply having sessions booked through your regular client would not allow for effective reporting.


When 2 users are integrated and matched together, they can both:

  • See the exact times the other person is available
  • See the other person's busy times
  • See their own availability
  • Auto-add a conference link

If neither users are matched, none of the features will be available, and users will only see time slots to book into without insight into what date and times are actually available.

Two ways to integrate

There are two ways to integrate Together with work calendars:

  • Domain-wide integration: Consent to permissions on all user calendars at once
  • Individual integration: End users consent to permissions on their own calendars one at a time

We usually recommend customers to perform a domain-wide integration for the following reasons:

  • Domain-wide integration removes user friction of having to consent to and install the integration when signing up
  • Domain-wide integration prevents a mixed experience where only one person out of two in a mentorship match is integrated. All features won't be available in this case. 


To support all the features above, we request the following permissions:

  • Read calendars
  • Write calendars

This is the most granularity we can request on the Office 365 and Google for Work platforms.


For details on the setup and installation of our Office 365 integration, see this page.

For details on the setup and installation of our GSuite integration, see this page.


Feature deep dive: Free/Busy Schedules

When booking mentorship sessions, we show free/busy slots for yourself and your matching, to create a comparable experience to booking an event in your native calendar client. 



Feature deep dive: Events in calendar

Sending an invite through Together will block off time in your calendar natively and add your matching as a participant. 







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