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What is domain whitelabelling?

Customers may wish to replace domain references of with their own domain. This includes:

  • The web url the mentoring application is accessed from, e.g. becoming
  • The transactional email for mentoring actions like “New mentee request” or “Join the new mentoring program” from becoming

How is whitelabelling done?

Whitelabelling requires modifying your DNS records, so make sure this is acceptable for your organization before considering next steps. Once you have decided to whitelabel the mentoring domain, you will need to 

  • Provide a subdomain hostname for the application, e.g.
  • Provide two sender values for the ‘from’ field of transaction emails: emailSendName <>. The emailSendName is the superficial display name of the sender, and the emailSendAddress is what comes before the @. The domain will be @email.subdomainHostName
Email with this request, and we will provide you with DNS records to enter in your registrar. These will include the following:
  • TXT record for your root domain, e.g., to verify you own your site
  • TXT, CNAME and MX records to send mail on your behalf and perform spoof prevention
  • A records to host the web application on the subdomain, e.g.
Once these are complete, email and we’ll confirm a successful whitelabelling procedure.

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