Note: This article outlines individual users consenting to their inboxes. For a domain-wide installation, please see this article

The goal of calendar integrations is to create a great experience booking mentorship sessions within your matching. 

When 2 users are integrated and matched together, they can both:

  • See exact times the other person is available
  • See the other person's busy times
  • See their own availability
  • Auto-add a video conference link

If only 1 user is integrated between the match, the integrated user can only:

  • See their own availability
  • Auto-add a conference link

If neither users are integrated with their calendars, none of these features will be available, and users will only see time slots to book into without insight into what dates and times are actually available on that person's calendar. Therefore, in order to create a great experience, we request that you integrate your calendar with Together. 

To view your Calendar Integrations, go to your Profile > My Calendar > Calendar Integrations.


Currently, we have two options for calendar integrations: either connecting with your Google Calendar or your Outlook Calendar.


Once you have selected an option, you will be asked to sign in to your account. 


You are now integrated with your calendar! The option to Disconnect is available if you want to remove the current integration to set up another.


A successfully integrated calendar will look like this when booking a new session:


If there is an issue with viewing your calendar, you will see an action to take in your To-Do section to reconnect your integration:


If your calendar and video integration is already set up for your entire organization by an administrator, you will not see options to integrate. Instead, you will see who the integration is with, for example, Google. 



You can choose your work email address to integrate your calendar. If you attempt to integrate your work calendar when your organization has not approved this functionality, you will see this prompt:


The next step would be to click on "Return to the application without granting consent" which will prompt another error note:


The user will then be prompted to sign in with a different account.


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