Managing your mentorship programs is now simpler than ever. On the 'Programs Page,' as an admin, you'll have a clear overview of all your programs at a glance. Designed to cater to all your administrative needs, this page is divided into three key sections, each serving a specific purpose in the lifecycle of your mentorship programs.

Created Programs

Here, you can get a complete overview of your active programs. This tab allows you to view program formats, check the status of registration and matching, monitor the number of participants and active matches, and keep track of important dates like the last registration and program creation. It also provides convenient options to duplicate, archive, or delete programs, ensuring you have full control over your active mentorship initiatives.

Program Templates

Creating a new program is a breeze with the Program Templates tab. It offers a selection of ready-to-use templates, including All Access, Targeted Programs, and Colleague Connect, to quickly launch a new initiative. For those who prefer a more tailored approach, there's also the option to create custom programs, giving you the flexibility to design a program that perfectly fits your organization's unique needs.

Archived Programs

Need to revisit past programs? The Archived Programs tab is your go-to resource. This section provides access to all your archived programs, allowing you to review their history and data. It's an invaluable tool for analyzing past initiatives and leveraging insights for future program planning.

How do I Archive a Program? 

When your program has come to an end you can archive it to save the content and history of the program, while distinguishing it from currently active programs on your home page.

Archiving a program maintains the program, its settings, and all the data related to it, but it will be moved into the Archived Programs tab on your home page.

To archive a program, scroll to the right-hand side under the Create Programs tab, and click on the 3 dots under the Action column of your program. From here, select Archive Program and Confirm your actions when prompted: 

Jan-21-2024 18-23-30.gif

You can also archive a program by selecting it from the Created Programs tab. From here, head over to Program Settings > General, scroll down on this page and click the Archive button followed by the Confirm button: 

Jan-21-2024 18-28-18.gif

Note: Archiving a program will turn off matching and registration so that no participants can continue to register or match for the program. Users can still see their past matches from this program, but they will not be able to see or access the program any longer.

Important: Archiving a Program is Irreversible.

How do I Duplicate a Program?

Duplicating a program can be very useful for several reasons, you can save time in the creation of a new program or use this function to test particular settings without disrupting your original program. When duplicating a program, you will have the option to select what you would like to be duplicated out of these options:

  • Program Settings (required)
    • General
    • Matching Process
    • Questions & Algorithm
    • Advanced Matching 
    • Program Access 
  • Agendas
  • Email Templates
  • Resource Library

To duplicate a program, scroll to the right-hand side under the Create Programs tab, and click on the 3 dots under the Action column of your program. From here, select Duplicate Program and click Create Program to confirm: 

Jan-21-2024 18-36-08.gif


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